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New Loom!

August 30, 2016

We are extremely excited to now be able to tell you about our newest acquisition : an eight shaft portable loom!

As a guild we’ve always found it easier to demonstrate and teach spinning rather than weaving, spinning wheels being far more portable than looms! We decided that we would, over time, save up and purchase an Ashford Katie loom to help us demonstrate and teach weaving to the same standard as spinning. Being a small guild we recognised that this was going to take us years by ourselves so we set about finding various local bodies that might consider giving us a grant towards the purchase.

Back in June we applied to Fibre-East, for a contribution towards our loom fund and we were delighted when Jan from Fibre-East asked to come along to our last meeting in July to talk to us about our application. We promptly broke out the good tea and biscuits. 🙂

After some discussion Jan let us know that not only would Fibre-East be able to help… but she actually had gone out and bought us the loom already!

Cue complete shock in the room.

The grand unwrapping commenced:


We were lost for words, Helen S. had to wipe away a tear or two. Luckily Jan C. had the great presence of mind to take photos of the occasion and video it (video on our Facebook page!).

The loom has had two outings already, it was the star of the show at our stall at Fibre-East in July and we also took it along to the Ashwell Show in August. It’s going to be a well traveled loom and is also available to members to borrow for their own projects.

Thank you so much Fibre-East!

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