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Fibre-East 2016

August 8, 2016

And breathe! It’s over for another year. We loved every moment but we were so busy chatting to people interested in spinning and weaving that we barely had a moment to shop!

This year we’d all moved around and the guilds section was in the ‘Shetland’ hall – aka prime position as we were the first hall that the hungry hordes fell upon in their quest for yarn and fibre goodness.

We had an array of spinning wheels for people to try as well as weaving looms all set up and ready to go and we managed to attract a wide range of people who’d never woven or spun but wanted to try it out (and a few who’d no idea they wanted to try it out but we dragged kicking and screaming over to our stall to make them have a go).


Here in the foreground you can see our ‘Flossie project’ being shown off for the first time, this is our long term project to create a blanket of different wools to show the variety that British sheep offer. Big thank you to Maggie who’s single handedly kick started the project into physical form!

We thoroughly enjoyed the day, and it was lovely to catch up with a few members who’ve not been able to get to meetings recently (you know who you are!).

We did manage to sneak in a few bits of shopping: some required equipment for the guild spinning wheel to bring it back into working order, a few cones of yarn here, a fleece or two there, the odd new spinning wheel…

We also got to chat with the lovely folk from The Guild of Long Draw Spinners who gave us a master class in how to spin long draw – a skill we’re trying to master in the guild. Some of us are better than others!

Finally what it’s all about – inspiring the next generation:


If you’ve been inspired to come along then our new programme is out now. Hope to see you in September!


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