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Christmas Party and Stashbuster!

December 10, 2015

Lynda's Nativity

We met for the last guild session of the year and had our Christmas party. After we admired Lynda’s seasonal needle felted Nativity scene (complete with removable baby Jesus!) and ate our way through all the food we decided it was time to get down to the serious business of the competition.

We had each brought three festively wrapped 20g parcels of ‘stuff’, fibre, textiles, yarn, beads etc. We mixed them up and, on the count of three, dived in and grabbed three new random parcels. The grabbing and unwrapping to see what we got was hugely fun.

Stashbuster closeup

Then followed silence.


The guild was in deep contemplation of “what on earth can I  make with this?!”

Where ‘this’ = random selection of stash that doesn’t go with anything.

Rules are:

  1. No swapping
  2. You must use everything you got
  3. You may add to your stash
  4. You may make more than one item

Competition entries will be judged and winners chosen on February 4th.

Good luck!

Next meeting will be in the New Year on 7th January. In the meantime Merry Christmas!

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