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Summer Term Roundup

July 22, 2018

We’ve had a busy summer term, we started in May with some colour blending using a rainbow of colours and white/black. brightfibreTurns out not all our members are fans of bright colour so were thrilled to see what happens when you blend it with its opposite and tone it down. Also blending similar colours in different proportions to get different effects.

At the AGM Claire stood down as Vice-Chair, and Helen G. rejoined the committee as Events Co-ordinator. We reviewed the year and then ate cake to celebrate!

Our half-term Saturday workshop was an investigation of what makes the best green, yellow then blue, or blue then yellow. This was ably led by our good friends Susan and Ashley  – see their write up here. We were very scientific doing reference samples, accurate timing, and yes you do get an entirely different green depending on which colour you dye first.

We then had another workshop with Stephanie Edwards on Tapestry weaving, which was a revelation of colour and technique.


Finally we had an evening exploring spinning fibres that aren’t wool, after all some of us are allergic to wool, others have ethical reasons for avoiding animal fibres. We also discussed the environmental impact of some of the cellulose fibre processing. It was a fun evening where we got to spin a variety of new fibres. The soysilk was a favourite of many.

Over the summer holidays we will be visiting Fibre East and the Ashwell Show as usual. We’ll be start back for the Autumn term on Thursday 6th September.


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