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Four (or 5, or 6) corners workshop

February 1, 2012

The Guild’s annual Four corners workshop day was well attended and enjoyed by all on January 28th. On offer were spinning, felting, silk paper making, inkle weaving and 4-shaft weaving. And I believe paper marbling was going on too at some point. A shared lunch was delicious and cake was forthcoming if a break from all the crafty activities was required.

The guild 4-shaft loom was set up with an overshaft gamp in coloured cottons and was threaded for 2 designs, producing some interesting results. Note: soothing cups of tea were always on hand for exasperated weavers who got confused between right and left (i.e. me!)

Inkle looms were warped for two different pattern pick-up techniques: Alternating pick-up (above, with members’ own looms) and warp substitution.

Silk paper making is a beautiful, simple and delicate technique.  It allows freedom of creative expression and produces some fabulous results. A brief guide to the technique can be found here.

Felting was also popular, albeit slightly more strenuous!

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