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Programme 2017-2018

The guild meetings take place at Letchworth Settlement, 229 Nevells Road, SG6 4UB at 7.45pm, usually on the first and third Thursdays of the month.

‘Crafting together’ evenings are very informal. You can bring along anything you are working on, or just enjoy learning from others busy with their projects.

Guild membership fees are £35 per year, plus £2 per evening meet (includes tea/coffee/biscuits).

Non-members welcome (£4 per evening meet includes tea/coffee/biscuits)

Programme 2017 – 18

Sept 7th

Welcome evening:

 Show and tell and challenge launch

Feb 15th

Felted Bunting

Sept 21st

Unicorn Tapestry talk

Saturday Feb 17th

Four Corners Workshop

Oct 5th

Crafting Together

Mar 1st

Crafting Together

Oct 19th

Norwich Red talk

Mar 15th

Get it done! Challenge Finish

 Saturday Oct 28th 

Crafting Saturday

April 19th

Crafting Together

 Nov 2nd

Crafting Together and prep for Festiwool

May 3rd

Colour Blending

Nov 16th

Felted Bunting

 May 17th


(Once again with cake)

Saturday Nov 25th

Visit to Handweavers and London Guild exhibition

Saturday May 26th

Dyeing Workshop

Dec 7th

Christmas Party and Christmas card exchange

June 7th

Crafting Together

Jan 4th

Crafting Together

Saturday June 16th

Tapestry Weaving Workshop

Jan 18th

Little Looms

June 21st

Spinning fibres that aren’t wool

Feb 1st

Crafting Together

July 5th

Crafting Together

Some of the talks, workshops and trips will incur additional costs, information will be given in advance.

There will be a charge for the Dye Workshop and the Four Corners Workshop