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Rounding up SPRING 2022

July 12, 2022


At our last meeting before Easter we had a spinning session where we devoted the evening to the subject of our spinning wheels,  their story, and what they mean to us, why we chose our particular model,  special features, etc! As many as possible took along their spinning wheels. (See below)

We had 8 different wheels ranging from a custom build to an electric spinner; from traditional designs to modern builds; some folded, others did not.

Helen S starting the evening with a discussion of all the component parts of a wheel and each of us had to locate them on our wheels. It was very interesting to see the differences as not all wheels have the same components. We spent some time talking about ratios and how each of our wheels enabled the bobbin to rotate at a different rate from the drive wheel.

The rest of the evening was spent trying to spin on each other wheels. This was a great chance to have a go spinning on something different and to consider the pros and cons.  Everyone really enjoyed the evening and it was a good way start the Easter break!


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