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Spinning Wheel Speed Dating

May 12, 2017

Our first meeting in May was a fun evening called Spinning Wheel Speed Dating – essentially a chance for everyone to try everyone else’s spinning wheel.

The guild were under strict instructions that if they had more than one wheel to bring along a wheel no one else had. Thus instead of a roomful of Ashford Traddy’s we ended up with only one – which belongs to the guild anyway!

We had all these lovely wheels to try out:

Ashford e-spinner:


Ashford Joy:


Ashford Kiwi 1:


Ashford Traditional:


Ashford Traveller (double drive)


Ashford Traveller (scotch tension)


Kromski Sonata:


Lendrum DT:


Heavy on the Ashfords! We also had a Haldane Shetland which we were having trouble with (and didn’t get a picture of).

We moved around the room trying the wheels and inviting the non-spinners to have a bit of a lesson at the same time so they could see which wheels suited them.


The e-spinner was interesting, so hard to not move your feet at the same time as spinning, but really good once you got used to that. Certainly one to keep in mind for when the treadling all gets too much!

We all learned something from the experience, some found the height of the Traveller suited them more than the lower wheels, some found that no they still didn’t like single treadle wheels. We all had our favourites (that would be our own wheels of course!) however there was near universal approval of the Kromski Sonata – very smooth to treadle!

Our next meeting is the AGM, we’re probably not going to be conscripting for the committee so it’s safe to come along and eat cake!

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