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Tapestry Weaving Talk

January 27, 2017

For our last meeting we were lucky enough to be joined by Stephanie Edwards from the Mid-Herts Guild who gave us a talk on tapestry weaving and displayed her impressive portfolio of work.

She started by giving us a list of all the things that are not tapestry yet are commonly called tapestry, it’s more extensive than you’d think.

The talk she gave was based on a beautiful tapestry which she had created on the theme “Fabric of Life”.  She displayed this tapestry, and showed us photos of the stages of the development and composition of its construction. The tapestry was woven for an exhibition and was inspired by the wonderful work done by the charity Recover in Welwyn Garden City. She invited our comments on the images, and explained what the images represented to her.


She said that when deciding on an image she asks herself the question “What does it actually say to people?”  She encouraged us to consider using anything for inspiration to design a tapestry – a rusty pipe, photos, furniture, stuffing, anything that catches the eye.

She mentioned various techniques that can be employed to give different textures/effects; for example:- hatching, tufting, double sumac.  She also named many designers who had influenced her work both in the UK and abroad, and it was especially interesting to hear that she had been to Peru and studied under Maximo Laura, whose work is world-renowned.

We’re now looking at next years programme to see if we can squeeze in a one-day workshop with Stephanie – we’re sure this would be popular with the guild!

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