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Drop spindle evening

December 8, 2016

Back in November we had a drop spindle evening, something that some of us in the guild had some trepidation about attending. Though most of us spin it’s a wheel orientated group and not many of us are proficient with a drop spindle.

We started by each talking about our current experience with top whorl, bottom whorl and drop spindles in general. Susan and Ashley then gave us demos of each and a talk on what you would use and how the weight affects what you spin.

We then had a go…

There were moments where the ‘drop’ in the name became a real thing!

Plus we were lucky enough to be joined by Tammy who we met at Festiwool,  she brought along her wonderful collection of spindles, including turkish and supported spindles. They were much admired! Tammy also gave us a demo of supported spindling and showed off her handspun cotton:

We then had a go. Not with cotton fibre, just wool. It’s like learning to spin all over again! Very tricky but very addictive.

Thanks to Susan and Ashley for stepping in at short notice, and thanks Tammy for opening up a whole new rabbit hole of stash.

In other news: the planned Nuno Felting workshop has moved from January to Saturday March 11th. Sorry for any inconvenience to those who’d already signed up.

Our Christmas party has been and gone – this years Secret Santa was lots of fun! And didn’t involve everyone having to put together random bits of stash into a competition item. We’re all grateful for that.

Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year!

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