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Autumn Term Show and Tell

September 10, 2016

And we’re back! Where did the summer holidays go?

We had a lovely first meeting, it’s always great to catch up with what everyone has been doing and welcome any new members who want to join us.

So lets get on to the pictures, firstly remember the unfinished bunny that Esme was working on? Done! Here’s the before and after shots so you can see the difference.

She’s also been working on a range of pictures – seascapes are Esme’s favourite:



The large picture is a combination of wet felting, needle felting and embroidery, whereas the two smaller ones are needle felted only.

Lynda made a blending board, for the grand sum of £32! She bought the carding cloth from Wingham Wool Work, 30cm x 30cm at 72 tines per inch. That’s where £30 went. The other £2 was on the bolt attachments, the wood was free!


Lynda says the hardest part was stapling in the cloth, she used a heavy duty stapler to do so. The board can used at different heights and angles thanks to moveable rear support and bolt attachment, and she uses a dog brush and dowelling to blend and then remove the fibre.

Hilary is quite a new weaver and has been exploring all the things her rigid heddle loom can do. The pink sampler is showing the colour and weave patterns when alternating warp and weft colours

The long grey sampler is what she made whilst watching the Olympics, trying out different types of yarn, and methods of manipulating the warp and weft. We really liked the use of ribbon knitting yarn from those fluffy scarves a few years back. Plus producing honeycomb on a rigid heddle loom is great work!

Sheila brought in a wonderful jacket and bag that she had woven and sewn. The jacket is made from worsted wool warp and Shetland weft, she used an interlocking 8 shaft twill for the fabric. The sleeves are knitted in the Shetland. The frog closure was made by circular braiding on an inkle loom, and the buttons are self covered.

Not satisfied at making an adorable jacket, Sheila then used up the leftover fabric to make a matching bag! The straps are woven on an inkle loom. The lining is commercial fabric, and the inkle straps are lined with ribbon.

Fantastic work everyone!

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