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April 14, 2016

Back on the 17th March we had a visit from Clare Bullock from Ivy Lodge Studio all about felting. It was one of those talks that was so good and so great that you completely forget to take photos… sorry!

Clare started by telling us about her journey into the world of feltmaking (via every other fibre craft there is virtually) and spoke movingly of how her late father encouraged her every step of the way until she found her niche.

We had a chance to examine the many pieces of felt that Clare had brought along with her, enough to cover three tables! They ranged from bags, wall hangings, to a blanket of felting samples sewn together to create a  wonderful reference of fabric and technique.

Clare talked us through the many techniques of felting and about her inspirations, and then demoed wet felting – an amazingly speedy process (compared to the spinning and weaving we’re more familiar with in the guild).

A great evening led by a funny and enthusiastic speaker – thank you Clare!

Our next meeting is on April 21st when we will be mordanting yarn in preparation for our Natural Dyes and Modifiers Workshop on April 23rd.

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