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Wot-Ever Scrap Store Trip

October 8, 2015

One of the advantages of being a member of the North Herts Guild is that we have group membership of the Wot-Ever Scrap Store in Welwyn Garden City. On Saturday 3rd October we had a group trip to the store to make sure all members knew about the resource and to gather ideas and possibly materials for our upcoming Stash-buster competition.

Annual membership of the Scrap Store (which is open to individuals as well as groups) entitles you to come along and take what you need (within reason) for free. Lots of modelling things that are ideal for schools but also a selection of art and craft materials.

Indeed we were so excited about the possibilities that taking photos was completely forgotten!

We headed upstairs to the wool and materials selection, and each picked out things that we thought might be useful or we found particularly inspiring even if we didn’t have a project in mind quite yet (clearly why we need the Stash-buster competition: to spark those creative thoughts and erode the stash mountain!).

However even a thorough search of the downstairs modelling section was a good move as there was a children’s hair braider up for grabs – ideal for twizzling those fringes on woven scarves!

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