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Favourite things: Small looms

April 25, 2012

Small looms are a craft in their own right, with weavers working on a miniature scale creating beautiful things.

From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Sock loom. Not weaving as such, but knitting looms are becoming increasingly popular. A variation on the French knitting we attempted as children using cotton reels and nails, but with far more useful results! This one is from Purple Linda Crafts.
  2. A stunning example of the kind of large object that can be created using a small loom, in this case a Weave-It.
  3. Small weaving does not have to be plain. There are many pattern books available for creating classic weaves such as this twill.
  4. On the diagonal. Weaving like this allows you to use a single ball of wool, with no needles or ends to weave in.
  5. Small looms don’t have to be square. Weaving in a triangle frame creates a beautiful shawl.
  6. Miniature tapestry looms made in funky acrylic.
  7. Flower looms! A loom for every occasion. These are made with raffia and plastic yarns to make them more durable.
  8. More square looms. These are designed for weaving with rags and thick yarns – just consider how quickly you could create a fabulous patchwork blanket or rug.
  9. And finally, the aforementioned French Knitting.  A cutie here, but what can you do with the miles and miles of narrow cord you create?
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