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Favourite things: Weaving for children (and the young at heart!)

November 23, 2011

Here are a few of the inspirational images and tutorials the internet has to offer today. This week: weaving projects for children. You’re never too young …

From top to bottom, left to right

  1. Twig weaving from Natural Suburbia – fabulously bright colours.
  2. A rug made from a hula hoop and a dozen t-shirts – who’d have thought? From Family Fun magazine.
  3. A simple woven placemat and quick to make – perfect for a last minute Christmas present? From Full Circle.
  4. These lacing cards are fabulous for teaching hand-eye coordination, and look funky too! From the Quirky Momma kids activities blog.
  5. Another unusual weaving for children. This time using chicken wire and recycled bits and bobs. From Let the Children Play which has many other ideas for weaving too.
  6. A lovely way to display items collected on an autumn walk. From Child in Harmony.
  7. Drinking straw weaving. Enough said! From the Home Ed Groups blog.
  8. Something to create from your weavings, Brother of Bobo, scrap monster!
  9. A beautiful paper plate sun from scrap materials, including “plarn” (aka plastic bag yarn) from Michele Made Me.

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