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Our Annual Event!

December 30, 2022

Four Corners Workshop
Saturday 18th February 2023 – 10am-4pm
Calling all textile enthusiasts- from beginners to the experienced.
All are welcome to come along and join us for a day of …
Spinning – making yarn from fibre
Weaving – creating cloth on a loom
Felting Acid Dyeing

NHSWD members £15 / LALG members £25 / non-members £30

The Settlement, Nevells Road, Letchworth, SG6 4BU

All materials are included in the price
Bring your own lunch, drinks will be provided
For further information or to book your place email:


December 5, 2022


Your chance to come and ‘have a go’ ……………. more in the New Year, so watch this space!

CHRISTMAS – Secret Santa!

Our last meeting of 2022. We made a small gift to give anonymously. We then had fun admiring the varied collection and guessing who made them!

It was a lovely festive evening and we look forward to meeting again in 2023.

Autumn Activities – Projects and More!

November 28, 2022

Felted Picture Cards – with Lynda17th November

We had a wonderful evening creating needle-felted Cards. Normally the sound of lively chatter can be heard during our evenings, but it was so quiet as we concentrated both on our creations and on where the needles landed!

FLOSSIE – Our Guild Project ,of a British sheep wool blanket, has continued to grow over the years – but we’re not finished yet! It attracts a great deal of interest when it is displayed at events.

NEW!BESSIE the Non-wool blanket ‘companion’ project……. more later, but here are it’s beginnings!

Vest – for Carol’s husband – made from Corriedale fleece, originally dyed orange and then over-dyed with purple.


August 2, 2022

Last weekend several of us joined other guilds and set up a stall at this new and most welcome festival that has taken over from Fibre East.

We displayed our creations and demonstrated our skills. The public showed a great deal of interest in our crafts and crafting. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely!

ECO PRINTING – Susan Dye The Big Reveal

July 12, 2022

23rd June 2022

It was like Christmas without the stress! We opened our packages and the room was filled with happy gasps of amazement and delight. Many thanks to Susan Dye for leading us through the process and then steaming our tied up tiles and pipes. Also to Kathy Groom for unpacking and ironing our prints.

You can see the wonderful results below!

Summer began!

July 12, 2022


The theme of the Ashwell at Home was Health and Wellbeing.

Activities were aimed at how people could enhance their lives after two years of living and working apart from colleagues, friends, and families. The psychological benefit of weaving, spinning, felting, and dyeing and the process of making something unique for ourselves and others fitted in well with the programme of events

The event attracted hundreds of visitors, but the area in St Mary’s church where the Guild demonstrated our crafts, offered a quiet and reflective space for visitors to view our work and talk about our Guild. Flossie was a big hit, even people who were not particularly interested in spinning or weaving marvelled at the differences in the wool from different sheep breeds.  Some visitors were also keen to show us photos of crafts they had tried over lockdown. Many thanks to Jan, Helen, and Katherine who gave a warm and instructive welcome to visitors.

Rounding up SPRING 2022

July 12, 2022


At our last meeting before Easter we had a spinning session where we devoted the evening to the subject of our spinning wheels,  their story, and what they mean to us, why we chose our particular model,  special features, etc! As many as possible took along their spinning wheels. (See below)

We had 8 different wheels ranging from a custom build to an electric spinner; from traditional designs to modern builds; some folded, others did not.

Helen S starting the evening with a discussion of all the component parts of a wheel and each of us had to locate them on our wheels. It was very interesting to see the differences as not all wheels have the same components. We spent some time talking about ratios and how each of our wheels enabled the bobbin to rotate at a different rate from the drive wheel.

The rest of the evening was spent trying to spin on each other wheels. This was a great chance to have a go spinning on something different and to consider the pros and cons.  Everyone really enjoyed the evening and it was a good way start the Easter break!


4 Corners Successful Day! – Sat 12th February

February 22, 2022

Our visitors enjoyed a varied day……….. We all thoroughly enjoyed crafting and learning together!


November 27, 2021

Four Corners Workshop
Saturday 12th February 202210am-4pm
Calling all textile enthusiasts- from beginners to the experienced.
All are welcome to come along and join us for a day of …

Spinning – making yarn from fibre

Weaving – creating cloth on a loom

Kumihimo – Japanese braiding

Felting – felt a 3D shape or a small picture

Dyeing – Shibori style dyeing

NHSWD MEMBERS £15/ LALG members £25 / non-members £30

The Settlement, Nevells Road, Letchworth, SG6 4BU

Lunch and materials are included in the price

For further information or to book your place email:

SPRING ROUND-UP – Scroll down to see all!

May 16, 2023

Coming soon……

Ashwell at Home – Spinning in the Church – 14 May (pics to be added shortly)

AGM – Bag challenge – 18 May …… see our creations!

Solar Dyeing – with Susan Dye – 15 June

MARCH – CARDING EVENING – Drum carding, Hand carding, Colour blending


All our participants enjoyed the day immensely……… and so did we!





New term begins this Thursday 1st Sept 7.30pm

August 29, 2022

An exciting new programme begins (see link above) with a Welcome evening:

New Projects – Show and Tell so a good time for you to visit us and see what we do!